A new baby joining the Ban Meata Family

A new baby joining the Ban Meata Children's Home in our Charter Project "Every Life Deserves".

Ban Meata has recently started caring for a new baby boy they have named, Noah. He is just six months old and his very young mother had no interest and no support to care for him. When Ban Meata were asked by the mother to take him into their home, they first visited where they were living to observe the circumstances. It is very sad that his family did not want to love and care for him, but thankfully Ban Meata will help him to have a bright future filled with hope.

We as our Rotary Club are committed to an ongoing partnership with House of Mercy Foundation helping to support the essential daily costs for raising the new generation of children in their care. Since we started our Charter Project Every Life Deserves, 5 years ago, we have welcomed 13 babies and toddlers. 

Children without families are the most vulnerable people in the world.Brooke Randolph

Give where the need is greatest

When you give towards our Every Life Deserves Project, you help make a difference for babies & toddlers orphaned, unwanted or unable to be cared for by their families.

We composed a dedicated support package for our new born babies which you can buy online, and we will coordinate to get it delivered to the children's home:

New Born Baby Bundle
The most appropriate baby milk and optimized hygiene are crucial components of an infant’s overall care and important to keep them healthy and happy. The package includes: Nappies, milk formula, baby wipes, baby wash, lotion, disposable gloves,…
The budget is 3,500 THB
for 1 baby for 1 month.



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Your help and support is greatly appreciated.